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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beginning the journey of event planning

Let's begin this fascinating new chapter!.  You might ask, what made you think of even attempting to do this? I have always loved gatherings, parties, get-together, birthdays, christenings, weddings and anything that would constitute sharing time with people we love.  With out knowing it I have been a planner all of my life.  in school I was always involved in the different student groups, always involved in committees to organize and plan some event. In family events like one of my cousins bachelorette party, I decorated and put together the decorations, gifts for the bridal party. At another cousin's Quinceañera (15 year), I helped decorate, helped plan and was the co-MC. I also helped my sister with he entire wedding, from decorating the reception, church, doing the center pieces, doing and printing out the invitations and every detail possible.  I planned my entire wedding and with the help of my family and friends decorated and put together the entire reception, I even had a say in the religious ceremony.  When our life as a family started, I planned all of my children's  birthday parties and as one of my best friends would say "they looked like weddings and sweet sixteens".  I honestly don't know why I did not think of this sooner, and this phrase is probably one that many people have said to themselves after their internal light bulb comes on and they say "duh".

In the research stage that I am at, I have learned:

1. I need to have a plan (business plan)
2. I need to know what services are going to be provided
3. I will need to invest in some equipment (good printer, fax and cell phone)
4. I will need a name (done), catch phrase or mission (done), Logo (work in progress, my husband is the artist)
5. I will need to build on a network (my friends, family and definitely word of mouth)
6. It's a big plus to be certified and credited

Now I am at the stage of studying and looking into all of the options; how to?, when to? why to?, what to?, who to?, of this entire new journey that I am going to pursue.  I know one thing for sure, i will begin small but once I am up and running, I will "go big or go home".

So far this idea is tangible and real, I just need to keep the ball rolling and not stop.  "Follow your dreams and know that they are not far from becoming true".

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