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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Decorated Tables (next 5)

Event Planning Journey...  Blog en español (Mesas decoradas)

Long time no see!!!  I apologize I didn't write sooner, lots of work, thank GOD!!!  Here are the following 5 tables from the event "Come to the Table".

6.  Simple Pie
This table was fun, had lots of red, apples and during the evening event they displayed different pies, like pumpkin and apple pie, yummmmm!!!

7.  Girls night out
Now this was the table that won the most prices.  It got 1st place as "Most Artistic", "People's Choice" an "Judges Choice".  It wa really amazing, the colors chosen were very modern and feminine. They decorated the table with "Lea Sophia" jewelry, picture frames with different sayings regarding friendship and girlfriends and it had little cerami placs with positive friendship quotes. 

8.  What do you wanna be when you grow up!
This table was decorated with all kinds of toys for children that represented adult professional jobs like, construction, medical doctor, teachers.  This table was made by Cornell Cooperative Extension.  It was a joyfull table as it had so many toys it drew the attention of people no matter the age.

9.  Get Crocked
This table was very well decorated.  It had a slow cooker crock pot in the center with a long flower center piece on top of it.  The colors that were used were fall colors, dark green, red, orange.  The plates were set up in a very original way also as the top plate was a red leaf and a bowl place on its side.  The lady who bid on my table, out right bought this table for $250.00.  It was from Kings Catering.  

10.  The snowman table 
Unfortunately I do no have a picture of this table.  It was small, only a plate setting of 4 of snowmans in dark winter colors.  The center piece was a small snowman and with a small light. 

11.  Four Seasons of Nature and Landscape 
This table belonged to The 1st National Bank of Jeffersonville.  They also used fall colors.  The place mats were pictures of different landscapes and the had four different calendars each opened on a different season, the pictures were from places around the county. 

12.  Simple Elegance

As the name clearly states, it was simple and elegant.  It had a hand painted plate setting.  The center piece brought in all the colors of the decoration of the table.  It won 3rd place as for "Most Elegant".

I just gave you a bonus of 2 extra tables, that was for the wait!  I'll keep in touch more often.  Stay on the journey to see what the last table looked like.

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