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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Decorated Tables (first 5)

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Finally here!!!!!!!!! The pictures of the decorated tables from the event "Come to the Table" (for purposes of space I will only post 5 at a time).  I hope you tested your imagination with the list I gave you before...  Let us see how close your imagination came to the table design.

1.  Sparkling Winter Garden (us)

Didn't it come out so sparkly!!!  We placed it right at the entrance and in the morning when we were decorating it and the sun came through the window it shined on to our table and as it hit the glass and crystals it created rainbows prisms on the floor and other tables.

2.  Come to our Table
This table was decorated but the auction was a catered dinner for 6.  It had beautiful china and crystal glasses.  The flowers were real pink roses.

3.  Alice in wonderland
Decorated by the director of the Sullivan County Dispute Resolution Center.  It was dedicated to her mother who's name was Alice and passed away in March, 2010.  This table won the "Most Whimsical" Award

4.  Taste of Italy
This table was very colorful like Italy. They also decorated it with different pasta in containers.  It got an "Honorary Mention"

5.  Go Green by Going Purple
This was the table from Sullivan First Recycling and Refuse ( ).  The table cloth was very original, and they folded t-shirts as place mats.  This table had lots of gift certificates, t-shirts, tiny biney babies, a bottle of vodka and wine.  The plates and wine glasses were from Pier One Imports.  This table one first place for the "Most Original". 

Still to come, the next 5 tables... To be continued...


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