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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Decorating tables for events

Event Planning Journey  (Blog in spanish: Decoración de mesas para eventos")

Yesterday (10-02-10) was a day full of challenges and also full of rewards.  We were able to decorate our table for our 1st event.  If you have been following our journey you know what I am talking about.  We had the opportunity to decorate a table as part of a fundraiser for the "Dispute Resolution Center".  We arrived at the location at 8:45am, and when I saw we, my youngest assistant, my oldest 8 year old daughter (she was a great help and did a very good job, she was also very exited to be a part of the event).  Once we were there we began to decorate our table.  We began by putting the tablecloth on and then the center piece in order to have a point of refference to follow.  The table was a round 60 inch table, it could fit a 6 piece plate setting comfortably, we only set up a 4 piece table set (flatware, silverware and glass ware).  In a table this size sometimes people try to fit up to 8 people in a table in order to save space and fit more people, know that for your guest this is pretty uncomfortable, just a quick tip, try not to do that.  ;-)

We decorated our table with all that we had purchased (see list in blog "Decorating table for the 1st event").  Soon we will be posting pictures of the event so that you can see how it all came out and you'll get to see the originallity of the other tables.  In the meantime I will tell you that there were 19 tables decorated and we won the 3rd place in the "Most Artistic" category, which is huge accomplishment since it was the first time we participated in this event.  Kathy was the name of the person who bid and won our table, she live in New Jersey.  She was really exited to have been able to take home the table and explained that she spotted out table as soon as she walked in and immediately placed a bid on it.  Also, she said that she will use all the decoration for her table during the upcoming Holiday Christmas Season.

Stay with us in this journey to enjoy the upcoming pictures, ideas and  the rest of the table decorations...

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