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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boy Birthday Party

These are images from my son's 1st Birthday.  We celebrated it on July 31st, 2010 at our home.  We decided to celebrate it at our house as we had not had any big events since we had bought the house one year ago.  We thought it was a great occasion to share our new home with family and friends.  We decorated the dining room area with the cupcake/cake table and I began decorating the day before and played with different ideas until I was satisfied with then end result.  On the pic. you see one of the attempts, cupcakes, party blowers for all the kids and the cake had not arrived but we had all the cake toppers on the table waiting in anticipation...

I decided to put my son's picture up on the table in order to make it more personal.  The picture was also the picture used in all the "Thank you" cards, keeping the same theme through out is very important.  I also decided to put he's Christening shoes on the table as a way to show that he is a child of GOD and is growing in the faith. 

This was the final result!  The decoration theme was "Toy Story 3" and all the colors were selected according to the theme.  The cupcakes and cake were decorated using the same color theme.  The balloon arch blended in all the colors in the background giving it that extra "umf" for the pictures.  I put his high chair in the back in anticipation for the big moment of singing "happy birthday" with his "bib" on it and on the table I put his very own special "birthday hat".

This is one of the pictures taken at the time every one was going to sing Happy Birthday, we sang it first in english, then in spanish.  All the kids and adults enjoyed the cupcakes, some even ahd seconds.  I have the tradition also that family and very close friends where a shirt/blouse of the same color.  For my son's birthday we wore green to match the birthday colors.  My son had his very own cupcake with his #1 birthday candle.  Every detail is important in making the party special.

These were some of the guest when we came inside the house to sorround the birthday boy and sing "Happy Birthday"

This is a picture from one angle of the backyard and how we were able to use the entire area and decorate the tables with the different colors of the birthday theme.  We also had a bouncy house for the kida to enjoy, and they did the whole day!!!

All the planning made for one happy little one year old boy!!!!

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