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Monday, September 20, 2010

Decoration for girls Birthday

Blog en español (Decoración cumpleaño niña)

Decorating for a girls birthday is simple.  The first thing you need is a theme.  During my oldest daughter's 1st birthday we decided to use the theme of the "Strawberry Shortcake".  At the time, 2002, they had not yet put up for sale any decorations on the theme so I decided to hire a very talented woman to create all of the decorations related to the theme.  The birthday decorations and accessories were completely personalized.  With the help of one of my cousins we decorated the background with a huge arch of red and pink balloons.  I also used helium balloons with strawberry shortcake stickers.  the cake was made by one of my neighbors at the time who baked cakes as proffesion.  The cake was a four tier pink and red round cakes and the cake on the base was part of the strawberry shortcake's body, I put glass strawberries all around the mirrored base and my daughter's picture at one side with her 1st year picture and a message regarding her name and personality.  The keepsakes were strawberry shortcake magnets with my daughter's picture on it, chocolate bars with a personalized wrappers that had a very special "thank you" message that I wrote on behalf of my daughter for all of her guests.
The use of color is very important not only to blend in the decorations, but to create a beautiful effect and a lasting impression on the guests.  For outdoor birthday parties it is very important to keep the guest cool and dry from unpredictable weather, tarps can help in out door parties. 

3rd Birthday Party, again strawberry shortcake!!!

During my daughter's 3rd birthday she picked the strawberry shortcake theme, which at this point in 2005 you could find everything you needed for this theme.  For this birthday we added a green to the color theme.  This birthday party we had to do it indoors because we were in New York, US.  It was too cold and raining to be outside.  An indoor or outdoor party can be beautiful as long as every detail is thought through and brings out the entire decoration or theme of the birthday party or event.  In my daughters birthday even her dress was strawberry shortcake.  My husband and I were clothes that matched the decoration colors so we could match...hahahaha!!!  The pictures came out with pretty colors.

All the planning made for one happy little girl and a great Birthday Party!!! 

More pictures available in blog español (Decoración cumpleaño niña)

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