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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Decorating table for the 1st event!!!!!

Event Planning Journey continues!!!!! We have and upcoming on October 2nd, 2010.  We are joining a fundraiser event where we will be decorating a table to be auctioned off to the highest bidder in a silent bid.  Check the right side of this blog for the details on the event.

Our table theme will be "Sparkling Winter Garden", I got the name from one of the candles I purchased to decorate the table with.  We got most of what we needed in Boscov Stores at Steam Town Mall in Scranton, PA.  We bought a 6 piece table flat wear setting in off white in order to get that winter white effect we are looking for.  The silver wear was a 4 piece set from the "Churehill" collection.  We also purchased 2 crystal tea light candle holders in the shapes of diamonds around it to give it that sparkling look.  The "sparkling winter garden" candles have water drops crystal clear on the bottom half.  At the Hallmark store we found winter snow flakes charm bracelet that we are going to take apart and use all over the table to give it that effect of winter snow and extra shine.  We also found a crystal vase with diamond cuts that when light reflects on it, it shines and sparkles.  This was purchased at Ross in Wilkes-Barre, PA along with the table cloth from "Prego" & 4 piece "Diamante coolers" set that also have that diamond cut at the bottom to produce the same effect.  Finally we were able to find all of the flowers for the center piece along with "iced" simulating branches and willow dropping beads at the arts and craft store, Michaels.  Below you'll see the list of the items along with the brand name and original prices.  Please keep in mind that as a good event planner we know the importance bargain shopping.  We got all of these items on sale and paid much less to decorate this table.
Item                                                  Brand                 Value

32 Piece Master Pack (set for 6)     Sloane                $59.99

Italian Waffle Weave Tablecloth    Prego                  $16.00

15oz. 4 Diamante coolers (glass)   Premier               $8.00

20 pc. Silver wear (set of 4)          Churehill             $24.99

Lotus Candle Holder (2 tea light)   Shannon Crystal $40.00

Jeweled Pillar Candles                  Habersham Co.   $18.00

Glass vase                                      Laura glass         $12.00

Flowers & Beads                   Michaels             $25.52

Snow Flakes & Pearls            Hallmark            $15.98

As soon as we do this event we will post the pictures for you to view the way we decorated our table.  Hopefully a high bid is placed on the table and we win an award during the Gala.  We are looking forward to this event and being able to spread the word of "Diamond Stone Event Planning" and continuing our journey!!!

For more info. on this event link to this site:

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