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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Sixteen Party ideas

Recently I helped an acquaintance plan part of her daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party.  The birthday girl wanted a themed birthday party.  Obviously she did not want to duplicate any of her friend's birthdays, which is understandable, people want to be unique, different and  special.  The theme for the sweet sixteen birthday party was " Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada".  A lot of the decorations were bought online.  The colors were vibrant and different, not one table area was the same.  The entry way was decorated by us with an arch way of balloons, along with 4 pillars of balloons.  The main colors were black, red and black.

This was the entry way.  The dollar signs were made by the birthday girl and her friends.

When choosing balloons, the 12 inch ones are the best, they give you just enough when filling them up and tying them up and then attaching them to the arch (small pbc plastic pipe) 
This is one of the pillars.  The balloons are attached to a pbc pipe stuck inside a bucket filled with rock to make it stird.  The top is a center piece from the dollar store that made it look like firecrackers popping out.

The themed table decorations.  The far on in ping was the "Pink Flamingo", completely pink, flamingo blow ups, pink paper masche drapes.  The black top table was the "Golden Nugget", it was also the birthday girls main table and it matched her golden dress.  They put all gold painted rocks that looked like nuggets. 

This are was for the "Palms".  The color scheme was green with hanging palms all over.  There was an area in towards the back that was set up just for game tables, black jack, poker and others. 

Finally the Birthday cake made by the birthday girl, family and her friends.  Really was beautiful and gave the birthday the element of suprise since no one got to see it until it was time to sing "happy birthday".  They really worked hard on it and on the entire birthday preparations.  It was well worth it!

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